Sep 24

Many times, getting noticed by members of the opposite sex can be difficult. However, there is more to getting noticed by someone than just your general level of attractiveness. There are several small things anyone can do that will help get them noticed, in a positive way, by members of the opposite sex where ever they go.


Smiling is by far the easiest and most straightforward way to get noticed by someone from the opposite sex. Putting a smile on your face will make you look more confident, happier and most importantly, more approachable. People are far more likely to want to engage in a conversation or meet someone who has a friendly smile on their face than with someone who is frowning.


Posture is something that many people don’t notice, but taking the time to improve your own posture can actually help you get noticed. Sitting up straight or walking with your head held high makes you look far more confident, and appealing to members of the opposite sex. Someone who walks around with strong, confident posture is also going to look more attractive and approachable than someone who is slumped or crouched over.

Be Aware of What You’re Wearing

Being aware of the clothes you wear is an obvious and easy way to get yourself noticed. This doesn’t mean you need to dress up all of the time or you need to wear loud or revealing clothing. However, people that have on clean, properly fitting clothing and that are well groomed are more likely to get noticed by a member of the opposite sex. A flattering and well put together outfit, even if it is for the gym, can also help you feel and act more confident.

Adopt a Friendly Attitude

The most basic rule to remember when trying to get noticed by a member of the opposite sex is that friendly people are far more likely to get noticed in a positive way. Being genuinely friendly gives people an automatic positive opinion of you and can help get you noticed. Approach other people, open doors, pull out chairs or help an elderly person across the street. Simple acts of kindness often do not go unnoticed and can draw the type of positive attention you want.

Get Involved

Even the most attractive people won’t get noticed if they simply stand in the corner all the time. The only way to get noticed by other people is to be around other people. Make an effort to get out in public whether it is at the grocery store or out at a bar, and remember all of the other tips about being friendly and approachable. A great way to do this and put yourself in a situation where you are forced to interact with others is to volunteer, join a club or get involved in a local place of worship, or charity.

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