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How to Remove Stretch Marks

All about How to Remove Stretch Marks without the Need for Stretch Marks Surgery

Stretch marks are ugly blemishes on the skin caused by tears in the dermis (second layer of skin) which have healed so that they are healthy but not to a cosmetic level. To remove stretch marks the skin must think it is still damaged and start the healing process again to heal the stretch mark to a cosmetic level. Now, thanks to a great new product from Scientia Derma Rollers, you can remove stretch marks from your own home! The derma roller is a small roller with Microscopic pins that you roll on your skin. This makes the skin think it is under attack and triggers the healing process, encouraging the skin to produce collagen to cosmetically heal the skin, this also gently opens the pores of the skin which will allow a much higher percentage of creams to be absorbed.

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How will the derma roller help you to remove stretch marks?

• It encourages your skin to continue the healing process so it can remove stretch marks and leave you feeling much more confident with your body
• This easy way to remove stretch marks can be done in your own home without the need for expensive surgery
• The results are permanent so you wont need to keep buying expensive products that don’t fully work
• It’s a simple and effective method which treats stretch marks without any stressful or painful procedures

Why do you Need to Remove Stretch Marks?

It is not necessary to remove stretch marks as they do not harm your health; however, there is a lot of pressure on people, especially women, to look ‘perfect’. People can be very self-conscious when it comes to stretch marks and it may have an affect on their life especially in the summer months when people like to wear fewer clothes.

There are many remedies you can buy to ‘cure’ your stretch marks such as stretch mark cream, however these may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks but it is unlikely to completely remove them and some just don’t work! So how do you know that the derma roller will remove stretch marks? The derma roller uses micro dermabrasion to open pores without damaging the skin. This makes the skin think it is damaged and so triggers the healing process to completely heal and remove stretch marks.

Untreated skin is very good at keeping out substances and so normally, only absorbs a minor percentage of creams used. When the pores are open, stretch mark creams can be absorbed much more effectively than normal.

So why choose a Scientia Derma Roller to remove stretch marks?

At, we pride ourselves on providing a total solution when it comes to Stretch mark removal. By spending just a few minute a day, five days a week, you can start the process to remove stretch marks. For best results use our 100% Natural Source Vitamin Rich Treatment Cream about 10 minutes after using the derma roller to maximize absorption and to aid the healing process.

To find out more about how derma rollers can help to remove stretch marks visit our home page, our FAQ page and our before and after pictures page so you can see just how great the derma roller is at removing stretch marks and other skin conditions.

To order your derma roller so that you can start the treatment and remove stretch marks go to our online order page now!!


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