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Scientia Roller Chicken Pox Scars – Approximately how long is it likely to take before I obtain visible results from a Scientia Roller?

The rate that you can see detectable results from your Derma Roller can be dependent upon what kind of scarring you are treating and how thoroughly the skin has to remodel the affected area.

Microneedling may be used to improve many different skin conditions, for example:

As you pass the Derma Roller over the skin, it creates microscopic punctures into your dermis – most are just simply pressing the pores open temporarily. This is perceived by your dermis as damage, which triggers a release of a range of growth factors which set off the production of elastin and collagen. The skin reacts to any trauma by setting in motion the healing process, although typically it will only heal as far as it deems necessary to keep you healthy – but this is not the same as healing to an aesthetically pleasing level. By persistently activating the recovery processes, you can encourage your skin to continue rejuvenating until the process is complete.


The body generally presumes that wrinkles, stretch marks, wrinkles and other types of scarring are satisfactory, but by having the continuous gentle routine reminder created through use of a microneedle roller the dermis is fooled into maintaining the recovery process up until the body has also restored itself to a cosmetic level. This process of skin remodelling can easily carry on for several months after every single Dermal Roller session, but apparent results can be seen in just one week. Your skin automatically renews itself approximately every forty days, so through a little bit of stimulation, transformations could be remarkable and quick.

Scientia Roller Chicken Pox Scars – How swiftly can a Skin Roller generate results?

Changes could be remarkable and swift, but it can be dependent upon how much collagen needs to be created within your dermis – for example, fine lines or mild wrinkles, or small acne scars will most likely regenerate more quickly than more extensive stretch marks or burn scars. But remember that smoking cigarettes uses up the vitamin C your body needs to synthesize collagen, plus a poor diet will definitely provide you less basic materials to work with. So for optimum improvements, keep up your dermal roller program, eat a healthy diet, supplement by using Scientia Nutrition MultiVitamins and use our vitamin rich treatment cream when you finish each and every collagen induction session.

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