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Scientia Roller Scar Removal – Approximately how long does it take before I receive detectable results from the Scientia Derma Roller?

The speed at which you shall notice visible results from the Microneedle Roller can depend on what kind of condition you are dealing with along with how thoroughly your skin needs to restore the affected area.

Skin microneedling is effective for treating numerous issues, for example:

When you pass the Derma Roller over the area being treated, it creates microscopic punctures into the skin – of which most are just pressing your pores open briefly. This is perceived by your skin as damage, which triggers a release of various growth factors which cause the production of elastin and collagen. The skin acts in response to any injury by initiating the healing process, although ordinarily it will only heal as far as it needs to to keep you healthy – but this is different to improving to an aesthetically pleasing level. By regularly prompting the body’s healing processes, you can encourage your dermis to carry on healing up until the job has completed.


The body ordinarily thinks that stretch mark scars, wrinkles and other types of scarring are acceptable, but with the gentle regular reminder triggered by the Dermaroller your dermis is simply tricked into maintaining the recovery process up until the skin has also restored itself to an aesthetically pleasing level. This particular process of skin remodelling might carry on for weeks after each Scientia Derma Roller treatment, but apparent changes may be seen in less than one week. Your skin automatically renews itself over the course of 40 days, so by having a little bit of stimulation, transformations could be dramatic and fast.

Scientia Roller Scar Removal – So how quickly might the Derma Roller achieve changes?

Improvements could be remarkable and swift, yet it can be dependent upon the amount of collagen that needs to be be manufactured within your skin – so for instance, fine lines and light wrinkles, or light acne scars will most likely restore quicker than deeper stretch mark scarring or burn scarring. But please remember that smoking cigarettes uses up the vitamin C needed to manufacture collagen, and a poor diet might provide you less raw materials to work with. So for optimum results, keep on top of your dermal roller routine, eat a healthy diet, give yourself the nutritional advantage by using Scientia Nutrition MultiVitamins together with the use of our vitamin rich treatment cream immediately following every skin roller session.

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