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What is Scar Treatment and Scar Removal?

Scar Treatment is a commonly sought after form of cosmetic medicine. It may seem like the remit of cosmetic surgeons, but actually, scar removal can be done from the comfort of home. Before deciding on how to get rid of your scar, it is important to understand the facts behind how scars form so that you can choose the best form of scar treatment.

Scar Treatment:

  • Not every type of scar is suitable for every type of scar treatment
  • Scar Treatment can be carried out long after the formation of the scar
  • The natural approach usually has the best results
  • Stimulating Collagen production is the best method of reducing their appearance

Our scar treatment system is most effective on the type of tissue damage shown. It is technically known as an Atrophic scar and scar treatments using the Derma roller are very successful. Visit our dedicated scar removal page for more information.

Scar Picture

Scar Tissue – There are effective Scar Treatments available.

Alternative Scar Treatments

There are several ways of removing a scar. These include Laser Therapy, Micro needling, Micro-Dermabrasion and even plastic surgery. Most of these methods require clinical visits and cost a large amount.

So why choose a Scientia Derma Roller for your Scar Treatment?

At, we are pleased to offer a solution for scar treatment. Our system is inexpensive, simple and the guaranteed results are possible to achieve through just a few minutes spent each day at home. The more treatments carried out, the more more obvious the change, but even a few sessions will yield noticeable results.

Please explore our site to see how else the Derma Roller can help you get rid of scars along with a whole host of other skin related issues. Our Derma Roller frequently asked questions page is a great place to find out more about this amazing new scar treatment.

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