Oct 27

There are many different names used to describe a Derma Roller – ranging from Dermal Roller through to CIT roller or even PCI rollers.

Please find below the individual frequently asked questions pages relating to each.  If in doubt, visit our Derma Roller Home page for more information or contact us for technical support.

Derma Roller Frequently Asked QuestionsBefore and after pictures.Customer Reviews and FeedbackDerma Roller Instructions

Skin Roller – Skin Roller Questions and Answers
Dermaroller – Dermaroller FAQ
Derma Roller – Derma Roller FAQ
Skin Needling Roller – Skin Needling Roller Q & A’s
Micro Needling Roller – Micro Needling Roller Q & A’s
Microneedling Roller – Microneedling Roller Q&A
Micro Needling Roller – Micro Needling Roller Q & A’s
Micro Needling Skin Roller – Micro Needling Skin Roller Q & A’s
Microneedling Skin Roller – Microneedling Skin Roller Q & A’s
CIT Roller – CIT Roller Frequently Asked Questions
CIT Skin Roller – CIT Skin Roller Q & A’s
CIT Dermaroller – CIT Dermaroller FAQ
CIT Derma Roller – CIT Derma Roller Q&A
CIT Skin Derma Roller – CIT Skin Derma Roller Q & A’s
Collagen Induction Roller – Collagen Induction Roller Q&A
Collagen Induction Therapy Roller – Collagen Induction Therapy Roller Frequently Asked Questions
Collagen Roller – Collagen Roller Questions and Answers

You may also be interested in before and after pictures which clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our roller   But whatever you choose to call it, clearly the only name to remember is the Scientia Derma Roller!  Or why not read the experiences of our customers on our customer reviews page?


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