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Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with us!

Derma Roller Discount Coupons and Other Scientia Product Offers

Join us in celebrating our 10th Anniversary with some amazing discount offers!

These discounts cannot last for long, so order today to avoid disappointment!

Sale price and Coupons only Guaranteed until Midnight (Pacific Time) in .

Discount Coupon Instructions

Simply visit our Order Online page to select the products you are interested in, then enter any one of the following coupon codes on the way through checkout to get your special offer discount (only one coupon can be used per transaction).

Standard Offer

5PERCENTCLUB – Five percent discount on your entire order – for members of our Five Percent Club. Keep an eye on your email inbox for other offers and bonus products!

Time-Sensitive Offers

SKINLASER10 – Ten percent discount on our Scientia Skin Laser product – the world’s first multi-wavelength at-home skin laser! Click here to learn more.

STAMP10 – Ten percent discount on the Scientia Derma Stamp. Click here to learn more.


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