Jun 20

Collagen injections have been gathering infamy as a cosmetic procedure for some years now. A quick Internet search for “collagen injections” gives us reams of information, in two categories; the first is a long list of adverts from seemingly lucrative companies, offering cheap, easy and miraculous collagen injection sessions which can immediately, painlessly and invisibly turn back time. The other, even longer list we get from the Internet search is of photographs from disappointed customers who look nothing like the already youthful models on the cosmetic clinics’ websites.

Collagen Injections – Value and Cost

While it would be a very cynical thing to say that there are absolutely no experienced, talented and effective practices which can achieve the results they advertise, it would be a very foolish thing to say that every clinic can offer this guarantee. Consider the fact that many of these clinics are advertising affordability as readily as their effectiveness. Almost all of those images we saw online were of the famous and ultra-rich, and most of them were sincerely unflattering. It seems to be that when people choose to inject collagen, they can be gambling with something much more precious than money.

The Benefit of Experience

Fortunately, we do not have to accept the clinics’ words at face value. There are many forums and communities online which exist to share customers’ experiences. As well as cautionary tales, there are also testimonials from satisfied customers. It’s a telling fact that there is a definite bias towards horror stories in the press, probably because of the fact that an image of an unsuccessful treatment is much more visually compelling that of a result which succeeded. To put it bluntly- if collagen injections didn’t work for some people, no one would have it done.

That said, it cannot be denied that there is no small amount of risk involved in having collagen injections. Because of this fact, many people who wish to improve their appearance choose other, safer treatments. One of the safest treatments for ageing, wrinkled or uneven skin is also one of the cheapest, and one of the most effective. This treatment is called micro needling.

Micro Needling – A Natural Alternative to Collagen Injections?

Micro needling is a therapy which involves using a small micro needle roller device on the skin. This device – known as the Scientia Derma Roller – has tiny needles on its surface, which safely roll over the skin stimulating the healing process. By doing so, the tiny needles – although much too small to cause bleeding, visible trauma, or any significant discomfort – trigger the skin’s natural healing process.

This process causes production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Allowing the skin to produce its own collagen means that the skin tissue is healthier and younger looking – something that collagen injections can only emulate. Because the Scientia Derma Roller induces natural production of collagen from within the skin itself, the effects are much more natural, long-lasting and safer than injections, and there is absolutely no risk of the dreaded “trout pout”.

The Scientia Derma Roller can be used several times per week, is much cheaper than collagen injections, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. More importantly, using it is actually beneficial to the health skin, as well as its appearance. You get the best of both worlds.

For more information about the Scientia Derma Roller, please click HERE for, instruction videos, click HERE for images showing the benefits of using the product, HERE for genuine customer reviews, and click HERE to visit our fully secure online shopping cart should you choose to buy.


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