May 27

Scientia Derma Roller Before and After Pictures

The Scientia Derma Roller can be used to treat wrinkles, cellulite, hair loss, stretch marks, acne and surgery scars, pitted skin and more – without the need for a surgical procedure. As you will see from the gallery below, the results can be dramatic. The Scientia Derma Roller really does work!

If you have any questions, visit the Derma Roller FAQ page or use our shopping cart to buy online.  You might also like to read our great customer reviews – including the Dermaroller Diary page.

Restore Hair Loss – Before and After

Female Hair Loss - Before and After Derma Roller


Scar Removal – Before and After

Scars - Before and After Derma Roller

Stretch Mark Removal – Before and After

Stretch Marks - Before and After Derma Roller

Stretch Mark Removal Series

Stretch mark treatment before and after Dermal Roller

Acne Scar Removal – Before and After

Acne scars before and after Derma Roller

Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Before and After

Anti-Aging and Anti Wrinkle Treatment Before and After Pictures

Burn Scar Reduction – Before and After


Burn scars before and after Dermaroller


Feel free to visit our Derma Roller Instructions page for detailed information on how to use the Scientia Derma Roller, or watch our guarantee video below for details on how you too can get great results – or your money back!  Great Derma Roller Results are guaranteed.

Dermaroller Before and After

YouTube Preview Image

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Don’t take OUR word for it! Watch the Derma Roller in action on TV.

YouTube Preview Image


We would love to see your photos too, so please email them in to us, or contact us if you have any questions.


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