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Discover How to Banish your Acne, Spots and Pimples – Just 2 minutes of treatment is 90% effective within 24 hours.

Acne, spots and pimples can be a thing of the past with the arrival of the new Cleane acne therapy system.

Cleane Acne Therapy Device

Introducing the Cleane Acne Therapy Device – Blue Light Therapy for Acne

The Cleane acne treatment device is based upon blue light therapy and thermal shock pulses which kill the bacteria in your spot and relax your skin’s reaction.  This has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of spots by 90% within 24 hours and each treatment only takes 2 minutes.

The device is entirely safe, painless, chemical free and will fit in your pocket or purse. It is similar in size to a lipstick.

The beauty of this device is that as soon as you feel a spot or pimple starting to develop, you can treat it. There are no side-effects, no risk of scarring and the Cleane device will carry enough charge to treat 45 spots per charge. Then you can simply recharge it by connecting it to your computer with the handy USB cable.

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Does the Cleane Acne Therapy Device really work?

Absolutely! The device has been clinically tested, it carries FDA approval, CE mark as a medical device, and is manufactured under cGMP certification and ISO 9001.

Clinical studies showed that on average, the appearance of acne is reduced by 90% within 24 hours of a single treatment. Better yet, you can carry out treatment any time, anywhere. Simply switch the device on, wait for one minute (until the device is at operational temperature) then treat the spot by pressing the Cleane blue light therapy device onto the spot for two minutes. The device bleeps so you don’t have to keep time.

Cleane Blue Light Therapy

Are there any ongoing costs?

No. Unlike a clinical treatment or a salon session, there is no ongoing cost. There are no ointments or creams necessary, just the electricity necessary to charge up the device after approximately 45 treatments. The Cleane acne removal device can be recharged approximately 1000 times, so you could treat 45,000 spots!

Cleane Before and after Pictures

Check out these amazing results! Just imagine being able to treat acne, spots and pimples quickly and effectively at the touch of a button. No more frustration if a spot is forming right before your big night out or hot date! There is nothing worse than having to conceal spots when you want to look your best.


Cleane Acne Blue Light and Thermal Shock Therapy Device

Cleane Acne Therapy Device Before and After

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Check out what other satisfied customers had to say:

I used my Cleane acne therapy device on a recent overseas business trip, and I have to say that this is a modern miracle! Over the course of the week, I got perhaps 10 spots, probably due to the hot climate and change in my diet. But that was no problem, because as soon as they started to form, I zapped them with my Cleane! 9/10 of them were drastically reduced within a few hours, and only one was a bit more persistent. But I zapped that one again eight hours later and it was gone by the next day. I can’t thank you enough for keeping me looking at my best! – Charles, UK.


I don’t often get spots, so I am very lucky, but nobody likes that self-conscious feeling when you think everyone is looking at your acne. I got my Cleane after it was recommended to me by a friend, and what a fantastic purchase! Treatment is finished in just minutes and within hours the redness has faded as the spot dries out. I wouldn’t leave home without it! – Janice, UK.


Cleane Acne Therapy Device Instructions

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Cleane Acne Therapy Device Instructions

Step 1: Press the power button (approx. 0.5 seconds), until the Green Lamp lights up.

Step 2: Wait for 1 minute and Blue Lamp will flash in turn (do not press power button while waiting).

Step 3: Press the power button again (approx. 0.5 seconds) as the green and blue lamps flash in turn. You will then see blue light emitting from Treatment Tip.

Step 4: Place Cleane Acne Therapy Device gently to the acne for 2 and a half minutes. You will hear a beeping sound every 3 seconds as an operational signal.

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What is the science behind the Cleane blue light therapy system?

The flashing blue light and the pulses of mild thermal energy which are emitted by the Cleane device shine into the skin and kill the propioni bacteria within acne, spots or pimples without any harm to the skin. Therefore, the trigger for the skin’s angry reddened reaction is gone. As a result, within 24 hours typically 90% of the redness, swelling, etc of the spot is gone.

The UV light within sunlight has long been known to kill bacteria in the skin, reducing the frequency of spots. However, unfortunately UV light also has a detrimental effect through long-term exposure. The great news about the Cleane product is that it uses a different wavelength of 415nm, which still kills the bacteria in acne but has none of the side effects of UV light. It is completely safe for the skin.

You will also feel a localised warmth, and this heat is enough to kill the bacteria without damaging your skin. It is not even uncomfortable, but you can feel the warmth. This helps to unclog the blocked pore, and restore your skin to its former beauty.

If you suffer from serious acne with many spots at any one time, then we would recommend you consult your doctor because the Cleane may not be able to practically handle so many spots. (Cleane treatment takes two minutes per spot). But for the average individual, it is perfect.

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Cleane Acne Treatment

What Causes Acne?

In order to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, the pores of your skin secrete a type of oil called sebum. Unfortunately, sometimes the pores of your skin become blocked and a buildup of sebum can allow a buildup of bacteria within the skin. This triggers a reddening and raising of the skin which is often known as pimples, spots, acne, etc.

It can be tempting to squeeze or pop the pimples, but this can lead to scarring and the spread of the propionic bacteria. Using the Cleane Acne Therapy Device can kill this bacteria and soothe the skin without causing any harm. It is certainly the quickest way we know to eliminate acne / spots.

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