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Join our affiliate program to earn commission on 2 levels – 27% on the first level and 9% on the second (for our main product), with less than 1% returns (even with our results based money-back guarantee) because the product is very effective. It is free to join our affiliate network and all sales are tracked for the lifetime of the customer.

Our affiliate generated traffic converts at around 3.5% to 8% depending on the source.  Many current affiliates with us earn between £0.61 to £1.38 GBP (or $0.97 to $2.20 USD) per visitor, depending on the traffic source they use.  While we cannot guarantee your earnings / income from this offer, this is what many of our active affiliates are achieving.

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Tell Me More about This Great Opportunity!

The Scientia Derma Roller is an extraordinarily versatile tool which removes / reduces wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and can even reduce / reverse hair loss. It is the perfect addition to any beauty or cosmetic treatment regime.

Everyone should have one, and the only reason why they don’t is that we need greater exposure for this amazing product. Help us get the message out there – this product is changing people’s lives. The results of treatment boost people’s confidence, self esteem and body image.

Be a part of this change in people’s lives, and earn a generous commission for every sale and repeat order thereafter! Every affiliate is provided with a unique url (web address) for this web site. Simply send visitors to your unique web page (from anywhere in the world) and if they purchase anything, you receive commission. You can send visitors from an existing web site (if you have your own) by linking across and recommending they visit us, or else use advertising, email campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, word of mouth and more…

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We offer support and information for our affiliates on how to best gather visitors. After all, the more visitors you attract, the more sales you make. We track sales using a cookie set to never expire, so you can even earn money years later when a customer returns to make a purchase!

Affiliate Program Sales Statistics – For the Experienced Affiliate

27% first tier commission on the main product, 9% second tier commission. Less than 1% Returns, 25% of visitors are repeat visits (who often go on to purchase if they haven’t already), and over 5% of visits who view our order page convert into a sale – this is across all traffic sources, both good and bad. We split test our order page, and test every aspect of the website to decrease bounce rate and increase conversion – we are internet marketers ourselves, and want to ensure that your marketing spend is used in the most efficient manner possible. The commission is 2-tier, based upon tracking links and cookies set to lifetime, so repeat business is assured.

We even have the ability to set you up a custom affiliate url, so you can choose whether your affiliate link points to our home page for selling the product, or this affiliate sign-up page to promote the opportunity to other affiliatesContact us to specify any changes to this after you sign up.

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So how will the Derma Roller Affiliate Opportunity earn you money?

Every customer you bring on board will earn you commission, but on top of that, they can also join our affiliate programme and are encouraged to tell their friends and family (they do this anyway when they see the fantastic results!). If they then make a sale in the same way you did, you also earn commission!

(Success TIP! Our most successful affiliates also recruit other affiliates as well as customers – this generates great residual income. Doing this means that you could earn by leveraging the efforts of others so you earn even if you don’t actually make any sales yourself! – which is statistically impossible if you send enough qualified visitors to your link!).

For example, a single sale of a Scientia Derma Roller earns you £15 (27%), and if that customer in turn sells one (or an affiliate you refer sells one), you earn a further £5 (9%). In 3-6 months, when that same person needs to order again, you get repeat commission! You don’t even have to worry about order fulfilment – we pack all of the orders and ship worldwide for you for free. People often refer to this as drop shipping. We act as your drop shipper automatically! In fact, we can also offer light bulk wholesale – contact us for details.

We often sell multiple rollers to our customers, so if you sell 2 Scientia Derma Rollers you earn £22.50 commission (£7.50 second tier) and for 3 rollers you earn £29 commission (£10 second tier).

Join Our Affiliate Program Today!

In addition, we encourage customers to buy vitamin rich treatment cream to increase the effectiveness of treatment – which can also be autoshipped every month. If your customer purchases this, you earn £3 (20%) every shipment until they cancel. You also earn £1.00 (6.7%) for every sale they make. We take care of all of the packaging and worldwide shipping for you.

Affiliate payments are made on the last working day of each month by PayPal, and you can view your commissions by logging into your Affiliate back-office. We have a minimum payout of £20 to ensure that individuals do not sign up to the affiliate program purely to purchase from their own affiliate link (which is prohibited unless they have also sold to another customer).

We feel that by helping our affiliates to earn on multiple levels from our Derma Roller affiliate programme we build stability and longevity for everyone. This is also boosted by the training and prewritten sales materials we provide in the affiliate members area!

Is this Affiliate Marketing Network just for UK or US Affiliates?

No, we welcome affiliates from anywhere in the world! We ship globally, so affiliates from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and even the middle east are all able to promote their link with equal effectiveness.

So join our affiliate program now! – it is entirely free to become an affiliate – and help promote a product which EVERYONE can benefit from!

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