May 27

In today’s society, where so much emphasis is placed on people’s appearance, many men and women are electing to undergo invasive cosmetic procedures in order to achieve younger, better looking skin.

Over time, as people age, their skin can become wrinkled or lined. This is primarily because as we age, the skin produces less and less elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen are described as the building blocks of our skin, and are needed to keep the skin looking soft, supple, and smooth. Many cosmetic procedures claim to fix the look of sagging skin, without actually targeting the problem of inefficient collagen and elastin production. These cosmetic procedures are expensive, require extensive recovery time and can cause lasting damage to the skin and body, especially if not done properly.

Cosmetic Procedures

One of the most popular procedures done today to combat the signs of aging or sagging skin, is Botox. Although Botox is popular, there are many side effects to the procedure. Botox is actually a small dosage of a poisonous substance that, if injected intravenously, would be lethal. Botox is injected right into the skin, but not the veins, to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Even though Botox is not deadly when inserted in the skin, there is still a risk for the toxin to migrate and cause problems within the body. In addition to being potentially dangerous, Botox is also very expensive, and wears off over time, meaning multiple treatments will be needed. Botox can also cause discomfort, bleeding, bruising and other side effects, while often leaving the skin looking unnaturally taught and immobile.

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Another one of the more popular options for cosmetic procedures is the chemical peel. Unfortunately because these peels use very harsh chemicals, they can sometimes cause further damage to the skin, have long recovery times, are very costly, and require patients to stay indoors for months after treatment.

Luckily, there are some alternatives to chemical peels and Botox, which are much safer, less invasive and less expensive. One of these alternatives is the very successful process of microneedling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT). This process is simple, does not carry the same risks and recovery time, and yet produces similar results to even the most intense chemical peels. Microneedling using a derma roller rejuvenates the skin as opposed to removing top layers of skin in the way that a chemical peel does. As it rejuvenates, microneedling increases the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

The Derma Roller allows individuals to safely perform microneedling on their own skin, in the comfort of their own home, for a fraction of the cost of any cosmetic procedure, with absolutely no recovery time or expensive consultancy fees to pay. The dermaroller is fitted with tiny micro needles which are rolled over the skin without causing damage, bleeding, bruising or trauma. The mico needles, which are thinner than a human hair, trick the skin into believing it has suffered damage, which causes a great increase in the natural production of collagen and elastin around the “wound” in a way no other product can. This procedure is safe, simple, inexpensive, relatively painless and perhaps even more importantly, produces results that not even the more expensive and invasive cosmetic procedures can. For further information please visit


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Apr 17

Living For Longer Ltd, the company behind the tremendously popular Scientia Derma Roller, has launched a new beauty device called the Scientia Derma Stamp – an at-home cosmetic device used for removing scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite.

Cosmetic microneedling has been used in various forms for over 50 years, since Doctor Pistor discovered that the skin can be stimulated to greatly increase its levels of collagen using microneedles as thin as a human hair and as short as half a millimetre. Such a procedure has been proven to get results equivalent to (if not superior to) chemical peels, micro dermabrasion and laser resurfacing but without the hefty price tag, down time or trauma to the skin.

The only reason your skin gets scars, wrinkles or stretch marks is that it cannot produce enough collagen. So the discovery that a simple hand-held roller can trigger up to 1000% increase in collagen has not gone unnoticed in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been reported to have undergone Derma Roller sessions in order to maintain their youthful glow. The Scientia Derma Roller brought this process into people’s homes, so that home treatment could be carried out at a fraction of the cost.

The Scientia Derma Stamp is a new variation which takes the best features of the Scientia Derma Roller, but adds a twist. You can literally twist the dial on the handle in order to select what needle length to use. Traditionally, you would need to purchase a derma roller with the correct needle length to treat your particular skin condition. For example, for better absorption of skin creams or for anti-ageing, a 0.5mm roller was ideal. But for light scarring, stretch marks, or deeper wrinkles a 1mm roller would be better. All the way through to a 1.5mm roller for deep stretch marks, deep acne scars or burn scars. With the Scientia Derma Stamp, one single device can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, by simply adjusting the needle length.

The UK-based firm is no stranger to providing market leading beauty devices, such as the Cleane Acne Therapy Device, and as such, the Scientia Derma Stamp is set to become another solid addition to their range.

Christopher Evans, a Technical Adviser for Living For Longer Ltd told us “Because the stamp is applied directly to the skin, the needles penetrate the pores of the skin head-on and are not rotated into place like they are with a roller. This minimises the sensation of microneedling. Equally, with the new three facet needle profile, the needles themselves are designed to be pain free, yet still give the very best results. This really is the next generation of microneedling products and helps to keep us at the cutting-edge of beauty therapy devices”.

For more information, or to purchase a Scientia Derma Stamp or Scientia Derma Roller, visit

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Jan 27

Introducing the Scientia Derma Stamp – a Cosmetic Breakthrough!

Can you imagine being able to remove your scars, wrinkles and stretch marks with just one simple device?

Adjustable Needle Length (0.25mm to 2.7mm) means that only 1 Stamp is required for multiple conditions!

Removal of:

  • Scars – from acne, accidents, surgery, burns, etc.
  • Wrinkles – fine lines to deep creases.
  • Stretch Marks – from minor to major.
  • And more!

Imagine a painless, adjustable micro needle system – where you can get the same fantastic results you get from a Scientia Derma Roller, but with the ability to adjust the needle length to suit different areas of the body. This next-generation device also has a revolutionary new needle profile which minimises the sensation of micro needling and yet triggers the greatest level of collagen production.

Well imagine no longer, because the Scientia Derma Stamp is here!

QUESTION? What do scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and uneven skin have in common?

ANSWER: A lack of collagen! If your body would produce more collagen then you wouldn’t get them. Using a Scientia Derma Stamp offers nature a helping hand by encouraging collagen production in the skin, which helps prevent or reverse their formation.

Even the stars of Hollywood are using cosmetic microneedling to give their skin a smooth and youthful glow.  Probably the most famous celebrities reported to have treatment are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

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So how is a Scientia Derma Stamp Different From a Scientia Derma Roller?

The Scientia Derma Stamp has a dial which allows you to select a needle length anywhere from 0.25 mm all the way up to 2.7 mm. This is the most universal micro needle system in existence. You can treat anything from the most mild of wrinkles, through to the deepest stretch marks or acne scars.  But do not be tempted to use above 1.5mm for home treatment.  This is not necessary for great results, and only medical professionals should undertake treatment at this level.  Improper home use above 1.5mm carries the risk of nerve damage.  Use below 1.5mm and following the instructions is perfectly safe and gives great results – or your money back (please see our guarantee video).

The Scientia Derma Stamp has 140 microneedles so each application of the device covers a substantial area (the largest of this sort of device), with precisely the right depth of needle. The unit is also reusable, unlike the disposable devices on the market.  Perfect for precision treatment of any given skin condition listed below.

So what can the Scientia Derma Stamp be used for?

  • Increasing the absorption of any of your favourite skin creams.
  • Anti-ageing effects, wrinkle reduction, the reduction of sebum secretion, reducing large pores, the reduction of blackheads and general improved circulation in the skin and scalp.
  • Excellent for acne scars such as ice pick scars or boxcar scars.
  • Can also treat other scars such as those from cosmetic surgery (treats scars from facelifts, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, liposuction, orthopaedic surgery, even burn scars etc).
  • Treats at long more surgery scars, such as Caesarean section, appendectomy, etc.
  • Greatly reduces stretch marks, and can firm skin.
  • Remove scars from hair transplants (helpful for treating scars from scalp tissue grafting, etc).
  • Reduction of cellulite.

This product is nothing short of amazing, and adds a new level of diversity to an already effective system.

Microneedling Before and After Pictures

Take a look at the before and after pictures below to see the amazing results achieved through micro needling.

Restore Hair Loss – Before and After

Female Hair Loss - Before and After Derma Roller

Scar Removal – Before and After

Scars - Before and After Derma Roller

Stretch Mark Removal – Before and After

Stretch Marks - Before and After Derma Roller

Stretch Mark Removal Series

Stretch mark treatment before and after Dermal Roller

Acne Scar Removal – Before and After

Acne scars before and after Derma Roller

Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Before and After

Anti-Aging and Anti Wrinkle Treatment Before and After Pictures

Burn Scar Reduction – Before and After

Burn scars before and after Dermaroller

What makes the Scientia Derma Stamp different?

Because the stamp is applied directly to the skin, the needles penetrate the pores of the skin head-on and are not rotated into place like they are with a roller. This minimises the sensation of microneedling. Equally with the new three facet microneedle profile, the needles themselves are designed to be pain free, yet are maximum effective.

Usually, you require several different rollers with different needle length to be able to treat a wide range of conditions. However, with the Scientia Derma Stamp one device covers all! Simply twist the dial on the end of the device to adjust the needle length.

0.25 mm – Improved penetration of skin care products active ingredients.
0.5 mm – Face and skin regeneration, removal of sun damage, anti-ageing, reduction of wrinkles.
1.2 mmCellulite reduction, stretch marks reduction, wrinkles reduction, skin regeneration, skin pigmentation reduction.
1.5 mmScar removal (burn, surgery, acne, etc.), open pores reduction.
2.0 mm – Burn contracture.  Caution, needle lengths above 1.5mm are considered to be for professional use only.

How to use the Scientia Derma Stamp / Instructions for use.

Before using your Scientia Dermal Stamp, please read our disclaimer.

  1. Wash the area to be treated to ensure the skin is clean.
  2. The procedure will be most successful if the skin is pulled taut with your finger while using the Scientia Derma Stamp with your other hand.
  3. The Scientia Derma Stamp is equipped with a length adjustment dial which adjusts the length of the needle (0.25mm – 2.7mm). Caution, needle lengths above 1.5mm are considered to be for professional use only. Use soft and light pressure; it is unnecessary to press excessively hard.
  4. When applying the stamp to the skin, the surface of the stamp is slightly curved to allow a gentle rocking motion.
  5. For increasing the absorption of creams / lotions, alleviating wrinkles, skin regeneration, anti-aging effects, mild acne scar treatment, etc, conduct the basic procedure by applying the stamp to the skin in overlapping sections where the skin is stamped twice in each area.  For conditions requiring concentrated treatment such as deep acne scars or other deep scars, zones with wide pores, or wrinkles, etc. repeat the overlap 3 times.
  6. Even sensitive areas with a concentrated presence of nerves can be safely targeted by using the needle length adjustment feature to use the appropriate length.
  7. Prior to the procedure, please ensure that the device has been sterilised between uses, and never share your Scientia Derma Stamp with anyone else.
  8. Numbing cream containing the local anaesthetic Lidocaine can be useful for longer needle length treatment.  Please consult your Pharmacist or Doctor.
  9. Please visit our Derma Roller Instructions page and our Derma Roller FAQ page to get other hints and tips for getting the most out of microneedling.

The Scientia Derma Stamp should last approximately 3 months if used once per week.

Where can I buy a Scientia Derma Stamp?

This amazing product is available worldwide with free delivery through the shopping cart link below under our standard Terms and Conditions:

Derma Stamp Special Offers:

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(Royal Mail Official Proof of Sending Certificate is provided in the unlikely event that your goods do not arrive.  By clicking the button above, you agree to these terms.  Please see our terms and conditions page for more information).

Scientia Derma Stamp Reviews

Visit our Derma Roller Reviews page to read the reviews and feedback of customers who have used microneedling to treat various skin conditions – from acne scars to stretch marks.  If you have a review specifically about the new Scientia Dermastamp, please write your comment below.  We would love to hear your Derma Stamp Review:

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Jun 20

Chemical peels have long been a recognised and popular way of giving your skin a boost, making it look younger and reducing the appearance of fine lines. There are many different kinds of chemical peel, ranging from light, lunch hour treatments which can subtly improve the condition of your skin, to the deep phelon peels which can take weeks, even months to fully recover from – but can make your skin look much, much younger when you have recovered.

Are There Different Kinds of Chemical Peel?

There are many different kinds of acid used in skin chemical peels. AHA and BHA, the gentlest acids, stand for alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid respectively. These are derived from fruit or sugar cane, or sour milk. BHAs disperse deeper into the pores, and are recognised as being slightly more effective than AHAs, which affect the surface more. TCA acids, the next most effective, are used for more serious complaints, such as light scarring, uneven pigmentation and deeper wrinkles. TCA has a proportionately longer recovery time, and requires use of moisturiser and sunscreen whilst the skin recovers, and also requires time off work to heal.

The most potent chemical peel is known as the phenol peel, is used for the deepest wrinkles and most serious complaints, and can take weeks to recover from. It will require constant use of high-factor sunscreen for months after. Because of its tendency to drastically lighten skin, phenol peels are not recommended for people with darker skin. Phenol peels are also known to completely remove freckles.

Before You Decide…

There are all manner of concerns to think of when debating whether to have a skin peel. The first is what kind of peel you want. For lighter peels, there is cost to consider. A lighter skin peel is unlikely to take care of anything but very minor skin complaints; anything more serious that light pigmentation issues and very fine wrinkles might take multiple treatments, and the costs can add up. Your money could be better spent on a range of equally effective and much less expensive treatments. If it is one of the more abrasive treatments you’re seeking, then the recovery time has to be taken into account. Can you afford to take up to three or even four weeks off work? Could you comfortably spend up to three months indoors, avoiding the sun?

Alternatives to Chemical Peels

Fortunately, there are other options. Microneedling is an effective way of rejuvenating your skin, and can be as effective even as some of the harsher chemical peels over time, without any of the risks, discomfort or downtime. Instead of removing the upper layers of skin, microneedling rejuvenates your skin by increasing the production of collagen and elastin within your skin’s cells.

Lack of collagen and elastin is evident in skin which looks aged, wrinkled or uneven. It’s collagen which keeps the skin looking youthful and healthy, but the skin produces less and less as time passes. The Scientia Derma Roller, a revolutionary microneedling device, turns back time by keeping the skin in constant supply of collagen, making it look younger and feel fresher.

Rolling the device’s tiny needles over your skin triggers the healing process, although the tiny needles are far too small to cause damage, bleeding or trauma. This healing process greatly increases the production of collagen, which the skin uses to improve its condition. Because you can use the Scientia Derma Roller regularly, you can keep your skin in constant supply of collagen and allow for constant, steady improvement.

Click HERE if you would like to view photographs of users before and after their treatment, and HERE to watch instructional videos on how the device works. If, whilst you’re there, you’d like to purchase, you may do so by clicking HERE to go to the secure online shopping cart.

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Jun 20

Botox has been a controversial subject for quite some time. Made famous by a long list of celebrity users, the product is regarded as a 10-years-younger wonder product by some and as a hypertoxic poison by others. In fact, both sides of the argument have some degree of truth in them; although it certainly can make you look younger, it is in fact a highly toxic poison.

What is Botox?

Botox is a genericised trademark (like Google for web search or Coke for cola-drink) for BOtulinum TOXin, the bacterium responsible for botulism. Botulinum toxin is taken from the Latin botulus, meaning sausage, as botulism is normally spread via badly handled meat products. Even a tiny amount injected intravenously would be lethal. Cosmetic and medical botox injections are heavily diluted in order to minimise the risk of a harmful dose. Although not injected directly into the veins, there is a constant risk of the bacteria migrating from the injection site.

What is Botox For?

Cosmetically, Botox is not just used on the face to smooth out lines and wrinkles. It is also used to reduce hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) in the face, palms and soles of feet, back, and underarms. Whilst most people might think that Botox has always been used as a cosmetic product, it was actually first used for medical purposes. Its first use was in 1980, to help relax the eye muscles of a patient with strabismus (crossed eyes). It has recently been used to improve the motor skills of patients with Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome.

Who Uses Botox?

Botox, as with most other forms of cosmetic surgery, has been highlighted mostly in the celebrity arena. Recently, there has been a trend with celebrities for rejecting the use of Botox, due to the fact that natural, healthier beauty treatments are in vogue. These natural treatments have caught up with synthetic methods and can now offer similar results without any of the drawbacks and pitfalls associated with surgical enhancement. One such treatment is known as Microneedling, and competes with Botox injections, and is known to be equally effective without any of the inherent risks involved with injecting toxins into the skin.

Is There a Botox Alternative? What about Microneedling?

One alternative to Botox is microneedlingMicroneedling works by inducing the natural production of collagen within the skin. Collagen is what the skin needs to repair itself and continue looking young and healthy. Over time, the skin can begin to decrease the amount of collagen it produces. However, the process of microneedling improves the amount of collagen produced within the skin, with steady, effective and long-lasting results. Microneedling is done with a small roller device branded as the Scientia Derma Roller, containing tiny needles on its surface. These needles are too small to cause significant discomfort, bleeding, bruising or any visible physical trauma-  however, they are just big enough to trigger the skin’s healing mechanism. The skin dramatically increases the level of collagen it produces when it’s healing.

This collagen is then used to rejuvenate and enliven your skin, making it look much younger, healthier and better than before. It gives steady, constant results, and in time can give results comparable to Botox treatments, with none of the risks involved.

Click HERE if you’d like to read more about the Scientia Derma Roller, HERE to view pictures of users’ skin before and after treatment, and HERE to watch video instructions. After which, if you choose to buy, you can do so safely HERE with our secure online shopping cart.

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