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What are C Section Scars ?

Women who undergo a C-section (also known as Caesarean section, Caesarian section, Cesarean section etc) while giving birth are often left with unsightly and potentially embarrassing scars. The seemingly impossible to remove C section scar is often quite large and can make women uncomfortable when exposing their stomachs. There are very few treatments that can effectively reduce the appearance of these large scars. However scar treatments that increase the body’s production of collagen can serve as an excellent C Section scar remover.

C-section scars, also known as Atrophic scars, are made of a fibrous tissue that acts as a barrier just like normal skin, but doesn’t have the same cosmetic appearance to it. These scars are often discoloured, sunken in and quite noticeable. When the body is healing after C-section stitches have been removed, ity produces collagen fibres and skin tissues that help the skin return back to its normal state. However, there is often not enough collagen produced to make the skin look as aesthetically pleasing as it did before the C-section, which is why there is such a demand for effective ways of removing C Section scars. It is the lack of collagen that prevents these scars from healing fully.

C Section Scar Treatment

Treatments that help stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production on the Dermis layer of the skin can greatly improve the look of scarred skin. These methods of C Section scar reduction are among the most effective ways to permanently get Caesarean scars (and many other forms of scarring)  looking  like natural skin again.

Luckily for women who wish to take advantage of this method of treatment for C-section scars, there is an inexpensive collagen stimulating system available. The Scientia Derma Roller allows users to quickly and safely stimulate the skin around the scar on a regular basis, marvelling at the way it helps to get rid of C Section scars ( and many other forms of scarring).

Is There an At Home Way to Treat C Section Scars?

The Scientia Derma roller is a simple, small handheld skin roller that is covered with 192 surgical micro needles. These needles are so small in size they do not hurt or damage the skin at all once they come in contact with the Dermis layer. Instead these needles help increase circulation, collagen production and elasticity in the skin naturally in an easy and painless manner. There is a slight tingle, but when used gently, you soon get used to the sensation, making the removal of C section scars a breeze!  The Scientia Derma roller is completely safe to use on the area of the skin where the Cesarean section scar is, as it uses a process called skin micro-needling or collagen induction therapy, or CIT. The process of CIT is completely safe and recognised by many cosmetic surgeons as an effective method of treating C Section scars. Most importantly it is a quick and inexpensive way to permanently remove C-section scars in the comfort of your own home. The Roller is not only fantastic at C section scar removal, it can help with many other forms of scarring as well!

Before and After Pictures / Reviews

Check out our before and after pictures page to see for yourself how effectively the Dermaroller treats C section scars and many other conditions. Here you will find testimonials and pictures from  clients about their treatment and fantastic results.



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Jun 04

What Causes and What Gets Rid of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks (or striae as they are referred to in dermatological terms) are caused when an individual’s skin is stretched too quickly: More accurately, the skin is torn rather than stretched. They are most common around the stomach area, breasts, thighs and hips. Both men and woman can suffer from them and they affect the majority of the adult population. Fortunately, for all of us, they pose no health risks and are simply a cosmetic concern. Of course, these concerns grow in the warmer seasons as the amount of our bodies we show, increases.  As a result, more people look for a suitable stretch mark reduction treatment.


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Why Stretch Marks Appear

This stretching occurs when the body grows at a rate that the skin cannot keep up with. Stretch marks are most commonly associated with pregnancy but are also a normal part of puberty: Body building or quick weight gain can also result in stretch marks.  But what can get rid of stretch marks?

QUESTION? What do scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and uneven skin have in common?

ANSWER: A lack of collagen! If your body would produce more collagen then you wouldn’t get them. Using a Scientia Derma Roller treats stretch marks by offering nature a helping hand to encourage collagen production in the skin, which helps prevent or reverse their formation. You can even treat stretch marks in the comfort of your own home!

Buy Scientia Derma Rollers Online

Although the skin is usually fairly elastic, when it is overstretched, the normal production of collagen is disrupted. It is this collagen which keeps skin tight and supple. There are several external factors which affect the skins natural ability to produce and maintain collagen levels such as a persons diet and smoking.

These collagen levels affect the appearance of wrinkles and lines in the face. They also largely dictate how other blemishes, such as acne scars or even surgery scars, heal.

What do Stretch Marks Look Like?

When they first form, stretch marks appear as reddish purple lines. They appear indented and maintain a different texture to the surrounding skin. Over time, the discoloration does subside, turning lighter and less noticeable. The ability to heal however does vary considerably from individual to individual, and there are countless stretch mark remover products on the market as a result – some more effective than others.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

There are several methods of treating stretch marks. These vary hugely in both cost and effectiveness. They range from simple solutions such as creams and lotions that claim to remove stretch mark scars, up to more extreme and expensive methods such as laser surgery.

What all these solutions have in common are that they assist, in one manner or another, the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. The skin is the largest organ in our body and anyone who has ever cut or scraped themselves, would have seen how it heals itself. Our natural defensive mechanisms are indeed one of the most wonderful things in nature.

Where our bodies do fall short, is that these natural defences do not account for our ongoing desire for aesthetics and looking good. It is here that nature needs a little helping hand. Fundamentally, to overcome this problem, we need to promote what happens in our bodies naturally, but stops once the body deems itself healed. By effectively extending the healing process, we can “trick” the body into healing itself too much – This way it may look and feels as though no physical trauma ever occurred.

For many people, stretch marks are a source of embarrassment and can make people feel very self conscious, but this can be overcome or greatly reduced by treatment to remove stretch marks.

Creams and oils promote the chemical healing process within our bodies by boosting the vitamins, minerals and other necessary elements needed for healing. Surgery for the removal of stretch mark scars on the other hand promotes the physical healing process of the body, which forces the skin to create those healing elements (such as collagen) itself.

Combining these processes, using techniques such as micro-needling, often proves the most effective method of removing stretch marks (both in terms of cost and results) for many people. It is important that anyone looking for a solution, understands the pros and cons of their chosen stretch mark removal method.

The Scientia Derma Roller is our flagship product and it has the amazing ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin, without damaging it – therefore helping to get rid of stretch marks.

Buy Scientia Derma Rollers Online

Visit our Derma Roller FAQ page to learn more about the Scientia Derma Roller and how it can help you to remove stretch marks painlessly and easily.

To see pictures of how effective the Scientia Derma Roller is for stretch marks removal / stretch marks treatment visit our Derma Roller before and after pictures page.

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