Feb 11

A Great Solution for Acne Scarring

Acne scarring can make people feel self conscious and uncomfortable in social situations. Getting rid of acne scarring can be achieved, using the fantastic new device from Scientia Derma Roller. When broken the skin repairs itself so that it is healthy but does not repair itself to a cosmetic level, therefore to repair to a cosmetic level the skin needs to think it is broken so that the healing process is continued until the cosmetic level of repair is achieved. This can be achieved by using a Scientia Derma Roller, this is a device with lots of micro needles that is rolled across the skin making it think it is under attack and broken therefore triggering the healing process. By doing this once a day, five days a week the skin will continue to heal until it is of a cosmetic level.

The benefits of reducing and even removing your acne scars

    Using the Scientia Derma Roller as an acne treatment, will ensure that you no longer have to put up with suffering from Acne Scarring.

    Dermaroller for your Acne ScarringAcne Scarring – Learn more about how we can help.

    The Facts of How It Works On Acne Scarring

    The Derma roller is simple and easy to use and can be used around your daily routine, with no need for expensive cosmetic surgery or a doctors appointment. By learning how acne scarring develops and what is missing form the damaged skin we are able to see what the skin needs to do to heal. A common factor in scarring is a lack of collagen and so by micro needling the scarred skin, collagen is produced to help heal the skin. From our Home Page you can see what the Derma Roller is, view the Frequently Asked Questions page as well as customers feedback, also view the before and after page to see how affective the derma roller is at reducing and removing all kings of scars and even stretch marks.

    Why should you choose derma-rollers.com to treat your acne scarring?

    Derma rollers are a painless and affective acne treatment which can be easily fitted into the everyday lifestyle, using the derma roller once a day, five times a week can show significant results un a matter of days depending on the severity of the scarring. To increase the effectiveness of the derma roller, try using our 100% Natural Source Vitamin Rich Treatment Cream just after using the derma roller.


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