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Stretch Mark Reduction Roller Frequently Asked Questions

A Cosmetic Breakthrough: Stretch Mark Reduction Roller

The Scientia Derma Roller (Stretch Mark Reduction Roller) is a revolutionary instrument which has the amazing power to naturally stimulate elastin and collagen production in the skin without causing any damage. A Stretch Mark Reduction Roller can be used by both women and men and has several beneficial effects:

QUESTION? What do scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and pitted skin have in common?

ANSWER: Insufficient collagen! If your body would manufacture more collagen then you wouldn’t develop them. The use of a Stretch Mark Reduction Roller gives mothernature a helping hand by stimulating collagen production in your skin, which will help prevent / reverse their formation.

Even the famous faces of Hollywood are using cosmetic microneedling to give them a smooth and youthful glow. Maybe the most well known celebrities said to have Stretch Mark Reduction Roller therapy are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

What is the Scientia Derma Roller / Dermaroller?

The Scientia Derma Roller (or Dermaroller) is a precision engineered medical instrument, with the simplicity necessary to use in the comfort and privacy of your home. It is based upon a simple hand held roller with 192 surgical steel micro-needles which are able to open the pores of the surface layer of your skin without damaging it. Your skin pores return to normal about 45 minutes to an hour later, but during that time, your skin is much better able to absorb and benefit from skin creams and lotions.

The diagram below shows a magnified view of the device. The microneedles are just one millimetre in length so all you feel is a tickling feeling when the Scientia Derma Roller is used.

Stretch Mark Reduction Roller Approximate Size

Micro-needling of the skin is an increasingly popular cosmetic process, but the Scientia Derma Roller is an FDA approved product which is simple enough that anyone can carry it out at home. As a matter of fact, it has very similar results to Chemical Peels, Laser Treatment, and Dermabrasion, but it is a whole lot less invasive and is just a fraction of the cost.

Exactly how does the Stretch Mark Reduction Roller Give You Better Skin?

As you roll the Dermaroller over your skin, it creates microscopic punctures into the dermis – the majority of which are just temporarily opening your pores. as damage, which triggers off the release of growth factors that, in turn, initiate the production of elastin and collagen. The human body is designed to react to any damage or injury by initiating the process of healing, but generally it will just repair as far as it has to to keep you healthy – which is totally different to healing to a cosmetic level. By persistently triggering this repair process, you encourage your body to carry on regenerating until the job is complete.

The body normally assumes that stretchmarks, scars and wrinkles are fine, but with the gentle frequent reminder brought about by the Stretch Mark Reduction Roller the body is reminded to continue the repair process until your skin has also mended itself on a cosmetic level. This process of remodelling can go on for months beyond each CIT Roller session, however, detectable changes can be experienced within a week! The skin naturally renews itself every forty days, so if you persevere, changes can be dramatic and fast.

Cosmetic micro-needling with the Stretch Mark Reduction Roller can be conducted safely on all colours of skin and all types of skin. Other treatments often have to avoid delicate areas – for example the backs of the hands, around the eyes and the neck, but with a lower micro needle size the Stretch Mark Reduction Roller can be used on any of these areas. The epidermis and melanocytes in the basal area of the skin aren’t harmed, so there’s no possibility of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

So How do you use a Stretch Mark Reduction Roller?

The Stretch Mark Reduction Roller process is very straight forward and can be carried out in your own home. Take a look at our Stretch Mark Reduction Roller Instructions page for more details.

So how quickly does the Stretch Mark Reduction Roller get results?

Of course, the rate you will achieve noticeable results depends on what you are trying to treat along with how far the body must remodel the area in question. This cycle of skin remodelling often continues for many weeks after each Derma Roller session, but noticeable changes may be observed within a week! The skin automatically renews itself every forty days, so with a little perseverance changes can be dramatic.

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So does using a Stretch Mark Reduction Roller hurt? or can it make you bleed?

There are two methods of Derma Rolling. One method involves the application of cream to numb the area, which enables more vigorous use of the elimination can be achieved with regular treatment with the Scientia Derma Roller. Anti Cellulite treatments can be conducted up to five times each week with the Scientia Derma Roller on the hips, thighs, legs, buttocks (bottom), arms and stomach (belly).

So can the Scientia Derma Roller cure hair loss / alopecia?

Limiting hair loss and baldness is an area which a lot people enquire about. The Scientia Derma Roller is a hair loss product that gives remarkable results. In a recent study, carried out over a 3 month period, men treated with a Scientia Derma Roller had an increase in hair growth in addition to an average 80% reduction in hair loss. The hair restoration and hair regrowth process can improve thinning hair, balding, bald spots, receding hairlines, alopecia and more conditions besides.

Visit the Derma Roller Before and After Pictures page for some amazing evidence showing how well the Scientia Derma Roller can work for you!

Can the Scientia Derma Roller cure acne scarring / surgery scarring?

Acne scarring removal and acne scarring therapy are a frequent use for the Scientia Dermaroller, along with treating surgery scarring, pitting of the skin, enlarged skin pores, scars from chicken pox,burn scars and much more. View the Skin Roller Before and After Photos page for some remarkable evidence of how well the range of varying needle lengths, so you should opt for the needle size which is the best option for the particular condition or part of the body you are trying to treat.

Derma Roller Needle lengths for in-home use include 0.5mm, 1mm (1.0mm), 1.5mm and for professional use, we have 2mm (2.0mm) and 2.5mm rollers. In addition, we have 3 line rollers (made to be narrower in order to reach harder to reach areas such as around your nose) in 1.0mm and 1.5mm sizes.

Take a look at the needle lengths page for more detailed information on choosing the optimum needle size for you.

Are these the same as other Skin Rollers?

No. Not all skin rollers are the same. Some rollers do not have FDA listing that the Scientia Derma Roller does. Alternative cheap skin rollers are frequently disposable and are not made from the same grade of surgical steel (as a result, they can blunt or break), and more importantly is if they have been gamma sterilized. The Scientia Derma Roller is manufactured to the highest specification so that it can be used repeatedly and intensively for 3-6 months. It is manufactured / quality controlled in accordance with ISO/CE/FDA standards and gamma sterilised according to ISO 11137.

(Purchase|Buy|Order|Get your} Scientia Derma Rollers Online

So how much is the Scientia Derma Roller?

The Scientia Derma Roller starts at £55 RRP £79.99 including all taxes and free worldwide shipping and is available to purchase online for delivery worldwide. If you aren’t sure how much that is in your own currency, visit (opens in a new browser window).

So How do I buy a Stretch Mark Reduction Roller?

Take a look at our page to purchase online. We dispatch orders the same day, when ordered on a weekday.

Is my Scientia Derma Roller Guaranteed to Work?

Take a look at the guarantee video below to discover how you too can get great results – or your money back!

YouTube Preview Image

Skin needling or microneedling is safe, effective and is simple to use at home.

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Jun 04

What Causes and What Gets Rid of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks (or striae as they are referred to in dermatological terms) are caused when an individual’s skin is stretched too quickly: More accurately, the skin is torn rather than stretched. They are most common around the stomach area, breasts, thighs and hips. Both men and woman can suffer from them and they affect the majority of the adult population. Fortunately, for all of us, they pose no health risks and are simply a cosmetic concern. Of course, these concerns grow in the warmer seasons as the amount of our bodies we show, increases.  As a result, more people look for a suitable stretch mark reduction treatment.


YouTube Preview Image

Why Stretch Marks Appear

This stretching occurs when the body grows at a rate that the skin cannot keep up with. Stretch marks are most commonly associated with pregnancy but are also a normal part of puberty: Body building or quick weight gain can also result in stretch marks.  But what can get rid of stretch marks?

QUESTION? What do scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and uneven skin have in common?

ANSWER: A lack of collagen! If your body would produce more collagen then you wouldn’t get them. Using a Scientia Derma Roller treats stretch marks by offering nature a helping hand to encourage collagen production in the skin, which helps prevent or reverse their formation. You can even treat stretch marks in the comfort of your own home!

Buy Scientia Derma Rollers Online

Although the skin is usually fairly elastic, when it is overstretched, the normal production of collagen is disrupted. It is this collagen which keeps skin tight and supple. There are several external factors which affect the skins natural ability to produce and maintain collagen levels such as a persons diet and smoking.

These collagen levels affect the appearance of wrinkles and lines in the face. They also largely dictate how other blemishes, such as acne scars or even surgery scars, heal.

What do Stretch Marks Look Like?

When they first form, stretch marks appear as reddish purple lines. They appear indented and maintain a different texture to the surrounding skin. Over time, the discoloration does subside, turning lighter and less noticeable. The ability to heal however does vary considerably from individual to individual, and there are countless stretch mark remover products on the market as a result – some more effective than others.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

There are several methods of treating stretch marks. These vary hugely in both cost and effectiveness. They range from simple solutions such as creams and lotions that claim to remove stretch mark scars, up to more extreme and expensive methods such as laser surgery.

What all these solutions have in common are that they assist, in one manner or another, the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. The skin is the largest organ in our body and anyone who has ever cut or scraped themselves, would have seen how it heals itself. Our natural defensive mechanisms are indeed one of the most wonderful things in nature.

Where our bodies do fall short, is that these natural defences do not account for our ongoing desire for aesthetics and looking good. It is here that nature needs a little helping hand. Fundamentally, to overcome this problem, we need to promote what happens in our bodies naturally, but stops once the body deems itself healed. By effectively extending the healing process, we can “trick” the body into healing itself too much – This way it may look and feels as though no physical trauma ever occurred.

For many people, stretch marks are a source of embarrassment and can make people feel very self conscious, but this can be overcome or greatly reduced by treatment to remove stretch marks.

Creams and oils promote the chemical healing process within our bodies by boosting the vitamins, minerals and other necessary elements needed for healing. Surgery for the removal of stretch mark scars on the other hand promotes the physical healing process of the body, which forces the skin to create those healing elements (such as collagen) itself.

Combining these processes, using techniques such as micro-needling, often proves the most effective method of removing stretch marks (both in terms of cost and results) for many people. It is important that anyone looking for a solution, understands the pros and cons of their chosen stretch mark removal method.

The Scientia Derma Roller is our flagship product and it has the amazing ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin, without damaging it – therefore helping to get rid of stretch marks.

Buy Scientia Derma Rollers Online

Visit our Derma Roller FAQ page to learn more about the Scientia Derma Roller and how it can help you to remove stretch marks painlessly and easily.

To see pictures of how effective the Scientia Derma Roller is for stretch marks removal / stretch marks treatment visit our Derma Roller before and after pictures page.

Derma Roller Frequently Asked QuestionsBefore and after pictures.Customer Reviews and FeedbackDerma Roller Instructions

What can Scientia Derma Rollers be used for?


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