Jul 31

Attention Stomach Stretch Marks sufferers!

How to easily remove Stomach stretch marks.

The Pennies a Day Stomach Stretch Marks Treatment Cosmetic Surgeons NEVER Tell You About.

Is a guaranteed Stomach Stretch Marks treatment too good to be true?

No, it’s not. Read on!…


Dear Stomach Stretch Marks sufferer,

Jenny K here, and I’d like to ask you a quick question. Are you fed up with living with your Stomach Stretch Marks? Do they make you feel ashamed and reduce your self confidence? I’m not sure about you, but in the past I felt extremely embarrassed about my stretch marks even if they weren’t on show! I knew they were a small price to pay for my wonderful kids, but shortly after being pregnant I hoped to have my skin stretch mark free – back how it used to be prior to the pregnancy.

My stretch marks used to affect my self confidence and I hated feeling conscious of them whenever I was around friends – especially when it was hot and everyone is in their summer clothes.  Have you ever felt like that?  I can tell you it was awful.  But something happened to me that totally changed my life!

I discovered the Scientia Derma Roller – an amazing instrument guaranteed to remove / reduce your Stomach Stretch Marks with full a money back guarantee!

And even better, you can use it in the comfort of your home and it works. I investigated further and realized that even with these amazing claims and a money back guarantee, over 99% of customers hold onto their roller because they wouldn’t dream of being without it! Why? Because they get astounding results when they treat their Stomach Stretch Marks – myself included!

See the Dermaroller Diary before and after photos! These pictures show the results of the derma roller on Stomach Stretch Marks over a period of just weeks, and it looks so much better that some people often won’t even believe that it is the same stomach – but I can assure you it is!

Stomach Stretch Marks Before and After Pictures

My 5 week Stretch Mark Dermaroller Diary

My 5 week Stretch Mark Dermaroller Diary

Just picture not having your Stomach Stretch Marks any more!

  • Never have to worry about going swimming and others noticing your stretch marks!
  • Dress how you want when it gets warm. Why should you have to cover up!
  • And more importantly, no more feeling anxious about how your partner may see your tummy.

Here is the secret to its success…

Stomach Stretch Marks are caused by a shortage of collagen as your belly and body got bigger while you were pregnant – if your body was able to have produced enough collagen and elastin when growing (or when healing the stretchmarks that had formed), then you wouldn’t get them. That’s where the Scientia Derma Roller comes in.

You simply roll the device across your skin 3-4 times a week as part of your daily skin care routine – I used it for as little as two minutes straight after taking a shower to make it quick and simple. The Scientia Derma roller itself has tiny needles which gentlypart the pores of your skin without harming it. You just roll four times in each direction over your skin and you are done! Easy! (For more information check out the full Derma Roller Diary).

Sounds frightening? Trust me, its okay. It sounded daunting to me too. But why was I so worried?

The Scientia Dermaroller safely and speedily encourages your skin to continue the healing process to a cosmetic level.

The outcome?

  • Your skin feels firm and looks more even. I spent a small fortune on stretch-mark creams, at least now I can get the best results from them.

You see, for up to an hour after usage, your skin is able to absorb skin creams and lotions much more effectively. In fact, analysis with vitamin C cream showed up to 40 times better absorption following skin needling.

Not only will your Stomach Stretch Marks be reduced, but the Scientia Derma Roller can also:

  • Remove or reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown and worry lines. Making you look youthful again.
  • Fade or shrink stretch marks from bodybuilding, weight gain, pregnancy, growth spurts, etc.
  • Proactively treat your skin as an anti-aging treatment keeping you looking younger for longer!

But don’t take my word for it! Take a look at what these other delighted consumers had to say about the Scientia Derma-roller after they had treated there skin with it.

Customer Reviews:

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer Testimonials

Order a Derma Roller Online

Scientia Derma Roller Customer Feedback

Scientia DermaRoller Customer Feedback

Scientia Derma Roller Customer Reviews

Look at the Dermaroller Diary page and Derma Roller reviews page for numerous positive and inspiring Derma Roller accounts.

The bottom line is, this product worked for me, it worked for countless others and will work for you too! Say goodbye to your stomach stretchmarks.

Are you still skeptical? I can understand you feeling that way, but don’t be! I used to study information and discussions on the internet and in magazines saying stretch mark scars couldn’t be removed without surgery, or procedures such as laser therapy, chemical peels, dermabrasion etc, that are high priced. But that simply isn’t true!

Just check out the results based iron-clad zero risk money back guarantee!

YouTube Preview Image

And it is so safe! The Scientia Derma Roller is FDA approved, CE marked and gamma sterilized to ISO standards. There have been no reports of side effects from users after hundreds of thousands of microneedling procedures. It is no different to Oriental acupuncture techniques that have taken place for hundreds, if not thousands of years!

Just consider how it would make you feel when your Stomach Stretch Marks are no longer a concern for you.

Take it from me, it feels fantastic!

To feel this way too, just click this link to order your Dermaroller

What does the Scientia Derma Roller cost? Well, I put to myself the question “how much has it cost me, feeling upset about my stretch-marks?”. My Stomach Stretch Marks were making me unhappy, and here was the option for me to change that forever. Isn’t that how you feel?

Let’s look at it this way …

  • Surgery costs thousands
  • Laser treatment costs hundreds
  • Chemical peels cost hundreds
  • Dermabrasion and micro-dermabrasion cost hundreds
  • Even skin creams can cost hundreds over time without even guaranteeing results

So when I saw that the incredible Scientia Derma Roller was on sale at only £55 (down from £79.99) I didn’t hesitate!

The shopping cart is 110% secure, so you need have no fear about ordering online. They have VeriSign Security, 128 bit encryption, SSL security certificates, McCaffey secure daily testing on their shopping cart – equal to what most banks have!

I felt very comfortable buying from this company, particularly as they have been providing medical and diagnostic products to organizations such as the UK National Health Service and the British Police for a long time. Since buying, their support has been brilliant, so you won’t be out on a limb if you have any questions.

What are you waiting for?

5 Reasons to Buy:

  1. This tool can be used in the home – straightforward, quick and effective.
  2. A cheaper and more effective option over buying creams that don’t even penetrate the skin
  3. You have nothing to lose – they offer a results based guarantee.
  4. The Derma-Roller is SAFE – FDA approved and Gamma Sterilized.
  5. They ship fast, and offer free international delivery – Get your order under way today!

So take action now to treat your Stomach Stretch Marks now!

Order a Derma Roller Online

Order a Derma Roller Online

They currently offer to pay your international shipping for free and I have negotiated a fantastic bonus, whereby you get a free cream, for anyone who buys in the next 24 hours and uses the promotional code +cream (just add the promo code +cream into the shopping cart when you order).

Your Scientia Derma Roller will arrive with easy to understand step-by-step instructions and your complimentary tube of vitamin rich treatment cream, a product which increases and speeds up the results of using the roller! Brilliant!

You will have all the key building blocks you need to encourage your skin to produce more collagen and elastin… So, Goodbye Stomach Stretch Marks!

Act right now to get your added bonus (while stocks last) and get rid of your Stomach Stretch Marks

Order a Derma Roller Online

Here’s to your success



P.S. The bonus cream and the free worldwide shipping will not last forever, so act right away. Click here to buy a Derma Roller now!

Derma Roller Frequently Asked QuestionsBefore and after pictures.Customer Reviews and FeedbackDerma Roller Instructions


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Nov 16

My Dermaroller Diary

My 5 week Stretch Mark Dermaroller Diary

Removing my stretch mark scars with the Scientia Dermaroller was so easy!

I’m SO excited! My Dermaroller has arrived and my progress diary begins today. I’ve been asked to track my first month’s progress by derma-rollers.com – the people behind the Scientia Derma Roller. I will be writing down each week how I’m getting on.

I am a mother of 2 and have had stretch marks on my stomach for nearly 20 years, since my first pregnancy. Anyone else with stretch marks will know exactly how they can make you feel self conscious, and I am hoping that this product will make a difference. Going swimming, sunbathing, or just wearing less clothes in the summer months can be a bit of a trauma. I’ve always tried to ignore it, because I didn’t realise I could fix it… I just put up with it. But through using the Scientia dermaroller for a few weeks, I hope to put things right!

Watch My Dermaroller Video Diary or Read it below:

YouTube Preview Image

Dermaroller Diary Day 1!

The package arrived this morning; so far so good. I’ve read the Dermaroller instructions, looked at the website again and I’ve promised myself to begin tonight after work. I must admit, the tiny needles on the roller don’t look very inviting, but a few comments I read on forums, etc, seemed to show that it isn’t so bad and gives more of a tickling sensation.

One of the recommendations they made was to take a before picture, so that I can see the difference to my stretch marks over time. I suppose, just like weightloss, it’s easy to miss gradual change because it’s right under your nose! I have lived with quite deep stretch marks for a long time, as you can you see from my first picture, so ANY change will be welcomed, however gradual!

My Stretch Mark Before Picture

As you can see, the stretch marks on my stomach are quite deep:

Stretch Mark Dermaroller Diary Day 1

The good news is that having tried my dermaroller, it wasn’t painful like I feared. I wouldn’t want to really press hard without numbing cream, but I can use it without discomfort. The 1mm roller is fine, and the 1.5mm isn’t any different – although it looks a little more aggressive. The 1.5mm is better for deep stretch marks, but the 1mm is supposed to be more versatile.

After treatment with my dermaroller, my stomach and hips went a little bit red – just like after a hot bath, or mild sun burn. It wasn’t exactly sore to the touch, but it was a little more sensitive – but this faded after a couple of hours. Overall, a good first day… Let’s see how it works in the day’s to follow.

Dermaroller Diary – End of Week One

Stretch Mark Dermaroller Diary Week 1

I have been quite amazed how my skin is feeling firmer and more even after such a few treatments! Looking at my before picture, I can even see that some of my deeper stretch marks are starting to close up. They are still there of course, but they don’t feel the same or look the same when I look at them more closely.

I have got the routine sorted, and it isn’t hard to fit my derma rolling into my daily regime. I use the dermaroller straight after having a bath, or if I haven’t bathed yet, I just use an antibacterial wipe to clean my skin first, before treatment. Then all I have to do is use the vitamin rich moisturising cream afterwards that I was sent with the dermaroller. The Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose Oil ingredients are all supposed to support the development of collagen in my skin and to support the healing process. I usually wait around ten minutes after treatment before I apply it and that seems to let my skin settle. I also use an antibacterial cream before to keep my skin clean.

Results at the End of Week Two

Stretch Mark Dermaroller Diary Week 2

Wow! I’m amazed with the results so far. I’ve had to take more pictures of myself to see if I am imagining things. I was looking at myself quite closely in the mirror before my nightly dermaroller session halfway through this week. Things are definitely looking better already. Having compared the two photos, I can’t believe my eyes! it certainly looks like my stretch marks are improving. My skin feels firmer and some of the shallower marks have definitely gone! At this rate I won’t need to do a full month’s diary !

End of Week Three

Stretch Mark Dermaroller Diary Week 3

This is amazing! My stretch mark scars are just getting better and better! I’ve started pressing the dermaroller a little more firmly now that I am used to the sensation. I must admit that I’ve been a bit naughty this week and missed out two sessions. I think that because I’ve seen such an improvement so quickly, I’ve become a bit complacent that it’s working. I’m going to make an effort to keep it going.

End of Week Four

I have been telling everyone I know about the success I have had with my dermaroller. I have told several of my friends and family members about this amazing little gadget! Some of the remaining scars are still visible from certain angles, but I am so thrilled with the level of success I’ve had. I now know that although my skin hasn’t entirely repaired, it certainly will if I continue with my treatment. I am going to send in my pictures and testimonial, but rest assured I will carry on the great work.

Overall, to conclude my dermaroller diary I want to wholeheartedly and sincerely recommend the Scientia Derma Roller to anyone who wants to deal with their stretch marks or scars. I have read forum posts that said stretch marks cannot be fixed without surgery, but they are absolutely WRONG! Don’t allow limiting beliefs to hold you back. Stretch mark removal IS possible – you just have to find the right product… and in this case, the Scientia Derma Roller IS the right product!

Dermaroller Testimonial Update – Latest “After” Photo!

Here is my latest update picture. I was absolutely right about continuing to use my roller. I read on the Derma Roller FAQ page that your skin renews itself every 40 days, so continuing to stimulate the healing process with my Scientia Derma Roller has made all the difference!

Stretch Mark Dermaroller Diary Week 5

All I can say is thank you! My use of the dermaroller has worked wonders for my stretch marks but not only that, it’s boosted my confidence to get my bikini out! Caribbean and cocktails here we come!

One thing I neglected to mention in my 4 week diary was that I was also using the dermaroller on my frown lines and crows feet around my eyes, and the fine lines on my face. Foolishly, I wasn’t taking pictures of those, but they have filled out and when you run your finger across where they were you can feel that the skin has changed for the better. So I bought a 0.5mm dermaroller for an anti aging treatment which I use about once or twice per week. I find that this level of treatment best suits my lifestyle.

I have continued to use the Vitamin rich treatment cream, as it is a great moisturiser and it contains all the nutrients needed to support the use of my dermaroller.

Thank you so much! I will definitely be back when I need to buy my replacement dermaroller.

A big thank you from Derma-Rollers.com

Thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to send in their experiences of using the Scientia Derma Roller. We truly value any input from our customers. We are so confident that the Scientia Derma Roller will give you great results that we even offer a money-back guarantee! Watch the guarantee video to see how you have nothing to lose – just great results to gain!

Suitable for stretch mark removal, scar removal, hair loss treatment, anti aging, cellulite treatment, and acne scar treatment and many other cosmetic issues. If in doubt, please contact us for free advice from a friendly expert!

Try a Derma Roller Today!

Sale Now On: Sale Prices only Guaranteed until Midnight (Pacific Time) in .
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Oct 31

Skin Needling / Micro Needling

Skin Needling or Micro-Needling is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy which is intended to smooth wrinkles, improve depressed acne scarring as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It is one the newest, easiest and most effective skin treatments available and is a process which can be carried out clinically or in the home. As the process gains awareness it is important to understand, what skin needling is, how it works and whether it is a suitable treatment for you.

QUESTION? What do scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and uneven skin have in common?

ANSWER: A lack of collagen! If your body would produce more collagen then you wouldn’t get them. Using a Scientia Derma Roller offers nature a helping hand by encouraging collagen production in the skin, which helps prevent or reverse their formation.

YouTube Preview Image

Derma Roller Frequently Asked QuestionsBefore and after pictures.Customer Reviews and FeedbackDerma Roller Instructions

What is Micro-Needling?

Micro needling is process carried out with a roller that is covered with numerous tiny needles. These needles penetrate the upper layers of skin to a depth of up to 2mm (depending on the needle length used). This process has two major benefits. It effectively stimulates collagen formation at the same time as providing a clear channel for topical gels and creams to be absorbed more effectively through the top layer (epidermis) of skin. Microneedling creates a very minor (almost microscopic) trauma which lasts for a short period of time and does not result in bruising or swelling or bleeding in the treated area in the way that chemical peels, laser therapy or microdermabrasion do.

Skin Needling Roller

How does Collagen Induction Therapy work

The microscopic punctures (which are often just the opening of the pores of your skin) stimulate collagen production in the dermis layer as it breaks some of the blood vessels directly below the surface of the skin. As the blood clots, it creates the right environment for collagen and elastin formation. It is these key ingredients which help the skin to appear rejuvenated.

YouTube Preview Image

Although this sounds drastic, the process happens on a microscopic level and the outward appearance of any trauma is negligible. In fact, when done in the home with rollers of shorter needle lengths, you only get a reddening of the skin which lasts for a few hours. Clinical use of skin needling involves the use of numbing agents on the skin, so that the treatment can be carried vigorously with minimal discomfort. The Scientia Derma Roller is intended for use at home and should be used far more gently over a period of time. In this way, it becomes part of your daily routine, produces the same great results but costs a fraction of the price of expensive clinical visits. Visit our online ordering page to place an order.


Alternatives to Skin Needling

There are several alternatives to Micro-Needling, most of which require visits to clinical beauticians or other specialists. These include laser therapy, Chemical Peels and Micro-Dermabrasion. Results from these processes do differ from one person to the next as everyone’s body reacts differently to each treatment. However, using a Scientia Dermaroller (or skin roller) is certainly far less invasive, has a far lesser risk of complications and is generally much cheaper. (Particularly when considering treatment at home).

Micro-Needling – Who is it for?

Micro-needling is a great choice for people who haven’t had success with any other type of treatment, for those who would prefer tackling their skin issues in the privacy of the home, or those who wish to achieve success without the hugely inflated cost of clinical visits.

Order a Derma Roller Online

Also bear in mind that the use of skin creams or oil products are greatly boosted by using a Scientia Derma Roller (skin needling roller) as the absorption rate of the skin is raised considerably through the channels which are created by skin needling through the epidermis.

Scientia Derma Roller / Derma-Rollers.com offer a full money back guarantee (see our guarantee video for details). We promise to ship your order promptly and our payment process is safe and fully secure. The company has been a proud supplier to the UK National Health Service (NHS) for many years and we provide full post sale support via email and through our website.

Order online today! Or visit our skin needling before and after photos to see the amazing results.

Order a Derma Roller Online
Sale Now On: Sale Prices only Guaranteed until Midnight (Pacific Time) in .

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Aug 26

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite – it may be a sensitive issue, but the removal of cellulite (or cellulite reduction) is a key concern for many people, particularly for us women. For those who don’t know, cellulite is a condition where the skin in the legs, abdomen, and pelvic region becomes dimpled. This is commonly referred to as “orange peel syndrome”.

Cellulite occurs at any age after puberty, and though women are affected to a far greater degree, it does affect both sexes. Furthermore and contrary to popular belief, cellulite has nothing to do with being overweight. However, the diet factors that contribute to cellulite do also contribute to becoming overweight. With cellulite being the kind of condition that can affect confidence and body image, cellulite removal is a real priority for many women.

Treatment of Cellulite Video

YouTube Preview Image



Cellulite” is not a medical term, rather the commonly used name for collections of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath a person’s skin, which causes the surface of the skin to dimple, pucker and look lumpy. Medical authorities agree that cellulite is simply ordinary fatty tissue.

Strands of fibrous tissue connect the skin to deeper tissue layers and also separate compartments that contain fat cells. When fat cells increase in size, these compartments bulge and produce a waffled appearance of the skin.

It is widely accepted that the difference between male and female fat cells is also the reason behind why cellulite is more prominent in Women. In simple terms, a woman’s connective tissues are very inflexible, so as females gain weight their fat cells expand, and tend to bulge up towards the surface of the skin.

Poor diet, bad circulation, sluggish digestion, intake of toxins and fluid retention can all also act as a barrier to those who are trying to get rid of cellulite.

Remove Cellulite

Treatments like liposuction (gets rid of cellulite by surgically removing fat) and mesotherapy (treats cellulite by injecting of drugs into cellulite) are either expensive or may produce only temporary improvement. Many doctors even warn that liposuction is not an effective treatment for cellulite because liposuction is designed to remove deep fat instead of cellulite, which is close to the skin.

Scientia’s new anti cellulite therapy comes in the form of the very successful Scientia Derma Roller. Cellulite reduction is gradual, achieved in the privacy of home. It costs considerably less than alternative treatments and is a method of cellulite removal which works in harmony with your body, as opposed to taking away from it.

Cellulite Cream

As well as removing cellulite, using the Scientia Derma Roller can also boost the effectiveness of anti cellulite creams. It allows the cream to penetrate the upper layer of skin, increasing the effectiveness. For an example, absorption of vitamin C cream has been shown to increase by up to 40 times after using a derma roller!

It is the combination of modern science and manufacturing in conjunction with ancient Oriental acupuncture techniques which gives the Scientia Derma Roller the unique way in which to treat cellulite.

Derma-Roller – More than just a cellulite remover

Check the rest of the site to see how the Scientia Derma Roller can treat other skin related issues in addition to treating cellulite. Use the Derma-Roller to treat Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, Acne Scars and even Hairloss.

Remember, we offer a full money back guarantee on all our products. We are confident in their ability to offer a great way to help get rid of cellulite and make you feel great about your body.

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Jun 04

What Causes and What Gets Rid of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks (or striae as they are referred to in dermatological terms) are caused when an individual’s skin is stretched too quickly: More accurately, the skin is torn rather than stretched. They are most common around the stomach area, breasts, thighs and hips. Both men and woman can suffer from them and they affect the majority of the adult population. Fortunately, for all of us, they pose no health risks and are simply a cosmetic concern. Of course, these concerns grow in the warmer seasons as the amount of our bodies we show, increases.  As a result, more people look for a suitable stretch mark reduction treatment.


YouTube Preview Image

Why Stretch Marks Appear

This stretching occurs when the body grows at a rate that the skin cannot keep up with. Stretch marks are most commonly associated with pregnancy but are also a normal part of puberty: Body building or quick weight gain can also result in stretch marks.  But what can get rid of stretch marks?

QUESTION? What do scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and uneven skin have in common?

ANSWER: A lack of collagen! If your body would produce more collagen then you wouldn’t get them. Using a Scientia Derma Roller treats stretch marks by offering nature a helping hand to encourage collagen production in the skin, which helps prevent or reverse their formation. You can even treat stretch marks in the comfort of your own home!

Buy Scientia Derma Rollers Online

Although the skin is usually fairly elastic, when it is overstretched, the normal production of collagen is disrupted. It is this collagen which keeps skin tight and supple. There are several external factors which affect the skins natural ability to produce and maintain collagen levels such as a persons diet and smoking.

These collagen levels affect the appearance of wrinkles and lines in the face. They also largely dictate how other blemishes, such as acne scars or even surgery scars, heal.

What do Stretch Marks Look Like?

When they first form, stretch marks appear as reddish purple lines. They appear indented and maintain a different texture to the surrounding skin. Over time, the discoloration does subside, turning lighter and less noticeable. The ability to heal however does vary considerably from individual to individual, and there are countless stretch mark remover products on the market as a result – some more effective than others.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

There are several methods of treating stretch marks. These vary hugely in both cost and effectiveness. They range from simple solutions such as creams and lotions that claim to remove stretch mark scars, up to more extreme and expensive methods such as laser surgery.

What all these solutions have in common are that they assist, in one manner or another, the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. The skin is the largest organ in our body and anyone who has ever cut or scraped themselves, would have seen how it heals itself. Our natural defensive mechanisms are indeed one of the most wonderful things in nature.

Where our bodies do fall short, is that these natural defences do not account for our ongoing desire for aesthetics and looking good. It is here that nature needs a little helping hand. Fundamentally, to overcome this problem, we need to promote what happens in our bodies naturally, but stops once the body deems itself healed. By effectively extending the healing process, we can “trick” the body into healing itself too much – This way it may look and feels as though no physical trauma ever occurred.

For many people, stretch marks are a source of embarrassment and can make people feel very self conscious, but this can be overcome or greatly reduced by treatment to remove stretch marks.

Creams and oils promote the chemical healing process within our bodies by boosting the vitamins, minerals and other necessary elements needed for healing. Surgery for the removal of stretch mark scars on the other hand promotes the physical healing process of the body, which forces the skin to create those healing elements (such as collagen) itself.

Combining these processes, using techniques such as micro-needling, often proves the most effective method of removing stretch marks (both in terms of cost and results) for many people. It is important that anyone looking for a solution, understands the pros and cons of their chosen stretch mark removal method.

The Scientia Derma Roller is our flagship product and it has the amazing ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin, without damaging it – therefore helping to get rid of stretch marks.

Buy Scientia Derma Rollers Online

Visit our Derma Roller FAQ page to learn more about the Scientia Derma Roller and how it can help you to remove stretch marks painlessly and easily.

To see pictures of how effective the Scientia Derma Roller is for stretch marks removal / stretch marks treatment visit our Derma Roller before and after pictures page.

Derma Roller Frequently Asked QuestionsBefore and after pictures.Customer Reviews and FeedbackDerma Roller Instructions

What can Scientia Derma Rollers be used for?


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